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The Sovereignty of God

Resources that look at a loving Deity of Sacred Scripture who always has had and will have sole and complete control over His entire creation.

The Absolute Sovereignty of God (#2435). The is a comprehensive compilation. This quintessential book victoriously celebrates and convincingly proclaims the absolute sovereignty of God. Sadly, religion has veiled the truth of the God of the Bible, making Him either an aloof deity, indifferent to the condition of the creation, or one who is at the worst cruel or at the least unloving and uncaring. Yet the loving Deity of Sacred Scripture always has had and will have sole and complete control over His entire creation. This ultimate collection of 100 works by 34 authors spans nearly 175 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Paperback. 478 pages. $19.95
Deity of God, The (#7450) by John Henry Essex (1907-1991) It is in the prison epistle of Paul to the Ephesians that we find the most absolute expression of the Deity of God in relation to the points we have been considering. Here we find the phrase which puts all other Scriptures into perspective. -- 72 page Paperback. $9.95
Divine Lockup - by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This work deals scripturally with God’s sovereignty in the midst of humanity’s current condition of, and future deliverance from, unbelief, sin, vanity and corruption. Without question, for all creation, the best is yet to come. Paperback, 66 Pages. 
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God 101 (Back to Basics) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. (#2527) Sadly, there are some who would teach of a god who somehow does not know all things, is not all powerful, is not sovereign, and is always changing his mind. This may be a god of religion, but it is not the God of Scripture. This work goes back to the basics, back to a scriptural foundation of the True and Living God.
Paperback. 70 Pages. $4.95

Growing in the Realization of God (#3375) by Robert McMahon 56 pages, Paperback, $4.95
The Sovereignty of God (#0226) by George Addair. A thoughtful look at a critical doctrine of Scripture. 64 pages, Paperback, $4.95


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