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The Sabbath

Resources that look at the Sabbath

Sabbath Vs. Saturday (#0189) by Del Hubbard. This unique approach, while embracing the Law of Moses, challenges the unscriptural assumption that the Sabbath and Saturday are identical. This enlighten work is of special importance to those attempting to keep the Sabbath. Its compelling presentation is a great tool in making inroads with sincere Sabbath-Keepers. Facsimile. 32 pages. Paperback. $4.95
The Sabbath and the Sunday Question (#2305) Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992). The two subjects dealt with are ones concerning which fixed ideas, personal religious prejudices, and traditional views are almost bound to assert themselves to the exclusion of everything that is revealed in the Word of God. On these subjects many are so fully convinced that what they believe is the truth that they actually read their beliefs into the Word of God and imagine confirmation of them on every one of its pages. Facsimile. Paperback. 32 Pages. $4.95
The Sabbath in Scripture (#1605) John Butler. An enlightening study by an associate of A.E. Knoch. (fc) Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95


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