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Biblical Study Reference Books

Tools to help the Bible student on his life-long journey of enjoying God's wonderful truth.

The 1611 King James Version Original Margin Notes (#3197) Despite King James’ efforts to control the translators who worked on the version that bears his name, they incorporated marginal notes that in some instances where quite telling, stating in their preface: “… Doth not a margin do well to admonish the reader to seek further, and not to conclude or dogmatize upon this or that peremptorily? … They that are wise, had rather have their judgments at liberty in differences of readings, then to be captivated to one, when it may be the other.” Paperback. 98 pages. $9.95

An Analytical Study of Words (#0622) by Louis Abbott (1915-1996). This in-depth study on various words that have been translated as “eternal,” “everlasting,” “judgment,” “hell” etc., has proved to be an invaluable study tool for many. After leaving his pastorate Abbott gave much of his life to studying Greek and Hebrew, ranging from ancient manuscripts to modern scholarship. Louis, who studied the Greek New Testament for 50 years, spent his lifetime gathering this treasure-trove of information, which is now made available to the world. 78 pages. Facsimile. Paperback. $9.95

Companion Bible Appendixes (Enlarged Type) (#4384) The full 198 appendices from the Companion Bible, printed separately. (8 1/2 x 11 Format). 264pp. Now available in both Paperback and Spiral bound.

Critical Lexicon & Concordance to the English & Greek New Testament (#4319) by E. W. Bullinger. English words appear in alphabetical order along with the equivalent Greek words, their literal and derivative meanings, and a list of passages in which they appear. Includes a comprehensive Greek-English index. 1040pp HB $49.95

Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, A (#4390) by J. B. Jackson.  Modern English translations of the Bible do not typically translate the names found therein. Instead the translators only transliterate the names. This means English language readers cannot understand the meaning of the names used in the Bible. This is a shame since so much meaning is captured in the names. This work provides a way to find out the meaning of those names. 6x9 PB $12.95


Figures of Speech Used In the Bible: Explained and Illustrated (#5169) by E. W. Bullinger. Bible students have made serious blunders through the inattention to figures of speech, clouding the real meaning of many important passages of Scripture. Bullinger's work, first published in 1898, clarifies 217 distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. In systematic order, this classic gives the proper pronunciation of each figure of speech, its etymology or origin, and a number of Scripture passages where the figure of speech is used, giving full explanation of its use in each context. It cites nearly eight thousand Bible passages and includes five appendices and seven indexes, making it even more valuable as a reference tool. No other work approaches the scope and detail of this field of study. New type-set and size (8.5 x 11) and 534 page PB $49.95

How To Enjoy the Bible  (#3242) by E. W. Bullinger. A unique introduction to your study of God's Word. You’re guided in the adventure of open and honest study of the Scripture from within -- allowing it to speak for itself. Twelve practical principles make inductive Bible study come alive. 464pp. PB  $19.95
The Personal Study Journal With 768 lined pages, 30# paper, this Bible-looking journal is great for taking study notes. It is 8.75󬝭 and is bound in a stylish black leather cover with silver gilding. (#1217) $39.95

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (HB #5703) by James Strong. This volume is an indispensable tool that all readers of the Bible will want to have as part of their basic library. A monumental reference work containing the location of every word in the KJV, as well as noting the Greek and Hebrew words underlying the translation. 1552pp. HB $24.95





Things to Come: A Journal of Biblical Literature (Volumes) by E. W. Bullinger. This is an on-going reprinting of Bullinger’s 22 volume Bible study periodical Things to Come. These were originally published from 1894-1915. These volumes are 8 x 11 size. A treasured set for the Bible student. This set has extensive writings from the pen of E. W. Bullinger, and other contributors include:

Sir Robert Anderson; W. H. Bacon; E. J. Baldwin; Horatius Bonar; H. C. Bowker; William Tucker Broad; William G. Carr; George Chamberlain; Elder Cumming; S. D. C. Douglas; A. R. Fairfield; Canon Fausset; H. W. Fry; Thomas George; Fuller Gooch; A. J. Gordon; I. M. Haldeman; A. B. Hutchinson; A. E. Knoch; Louis Liesching; F. E. Marsh; James E. Mathifson; Philip Mauro; Thomas More; Thomas Neatby; F. Newth; Ivan Panin; D. M. Panton; G. H. Pember; Adolph Saphir; W. Graham Scroggie; John Sloan; James Christopher Smith; Col. G. T. Van Someren; C. H. Spurgeon; D. M. Stearns; Alexander Steuart; Col. E. H. Thomas; W. H. Griffith Thomas; W. Hayes Topping; George F. Trench; A. F. Watson; Thomas Waugh; and Charles Welch

Currently available: Volume 1 (#1984); Volume 2 (#1985) PB $19.95 each 

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  Vocabulary Index for the Concordant Version of the Old Testament (#2051) This index is an attempt to provide users of the Concordant Version of the Old Testament access to full listings of the occurrences of each major Hebrew or Aramaic (Chaldee) word (except most proper names) used in the Old Testament. It is admittedly more complex and less convenient than the Keyword Concordance published with the New Testament, but until such a concordance using the vocabulary of the CVOT can be made available this may serve as a useful substitute. This is an abridgment of a full list of the English terms used in the CVOT. The list is keyed to Englishman’s Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance (5th edition). 321 pages. Spiral. $20.95

Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible (#5723) by Robert Young. This work casts all words in the Bible into alphabetical order and arranges them under their respective original words. This helps the reader to analyze more accurately the various uses of the original Hebrew and Greek words. Over 300,000 biblical references. 1206 p. HB $24.95

The Words of Jesus: As Recorded in the New Testament, Chronologically Arranged With Dates and Places of Interest (#2145) by Albert Hallett. First published in 1904 this work arranges the words of Jesus in the Gospels in chronological order under separate headings which provide the person to whom they were spoken, the place and date, down to the day of the month by then modern calculation. Facsimile. Paperback. 122 Pages. 12.95

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