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Paul, The Apostle

  Early Ministry of Paul, The (#1147) by C. R. Stam. BK $1.95
First Idiot in Heaven, The: Secrets of the Apostle Paul (and Why the Meek Merely Inherit the Earth) (#3250) by Martin Zender. Paul was a visionary. He saw the world as no one else saw it. Jesus Christ blinded him with truth. “To live is Christ,” this man said, and he lived life with singular purpose: to see and know Christ. In Paul’s evangel, God justifies sinners, not law-keepers or moral performers. According to what the terrestrial-bound Jesus taught (the gospel of the Circumcision), law-keepers and moral performers stay on Earth (“the meek shall inherit the Earth” – Matthew 5:5). So the Christians who think that imitating Jesus will get them to heaven will instead (assuming they can actually imitate Jesus) wind up on Earth. If you want to stay on Earth, wrestle with law. If you want to go to heaven, give up on yourself and embrace the gospel for sinners and idiots. -- 352 page, PB, $18.95

Moses And Paul (#3333) by C. R. Stam. This is a simple approach to dispensational truth, comparing and contrasting the two dispensers - Moses the dispenser of Law, and Paul the dispenser of Grace. This work will prove both refreshing and helpful to the study of God’s Word and His dispensational dealings under these two men. 81pp. PB $8.95
Paul the Apostle: His Acts and Post-Acts Ministries (A Comprehensive Compilation) (#2749) This ultimate dispensational collection of 97 works by 28 authors spans over 130 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Authors include: Sir Robert Anderson, Oscar Baker, A. E. Bishop, Robert C. Brock, E.W. Bullinger, J.J.B. Coles, E. H. Clayton, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Stephen Hill, Richard Holden, M. Jaegle, Win Johnson, A.E. Knoch, Adlai Loudy, William Mealand, D.L. McCroskey, William R. Newell, Alan Reid, Danny Russino, John D. LaVier, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, A. A. Sandoz, R.B. Shiflet and Charles H. Welch. Paperback. 624 Pages. $29.95

Paul, His Apostleship and Message (#3372) by C. R. Stam. 192pp. HB $10.95

Paul Versus Peter, Or Remarks on Galatians 1 & 2 (#3374) by William R. Newell. This work shows the distinguishing difference between the gospels preached by Peter and Paul. It also includes Paul vs James by F.L. Fallis (first published in 1922). 94pp. PB - ISBN: 9781934251225 $11.95

Paul's Gospel  by William R. Newell. This is a great tract, a clear treatise on the truth of God for this age.  This is the introduction from Paul vs. Peter, published separately. 8pp. BK/ Tract.

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The Revolt: Against the Distinctive Ministry of the Apostle Paul (#2268) Dr. Harold P. Morgan (1883-1953) This work exposes the ongoing revolt against the revelation committed to Paul the apostle. This revolt advances a theology that carries us back to the “Sermon on the Mount” and the “Day of Pentecost.” It drags Paul down from the place which Christ exalted him. The best remedy is a mastery of Paul’s message. Facsimile. Paperback. 80 pages. $9.95

Why Paul? by A. A. Sandoz. A 25 point Bible study out-line setting forth Paul’s distinctive heavenly calling and ministry. Unveiling practical truth veiled by traditions. 8pp BK (Tract).

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