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Joseph E. Kirk




The Saviour of All Mankind (#3053) Compilation: Joseph E. Kirk, contributing. This treatise is comprised of a series of seven articles dealing with human destiny and the purpose of the eons. The topics discussed include: how ďthe manyĒ shall be constituted just; Godís purpose in creation; God, Who wills that all mankind be saved; the completeness of salvation; the final goal of Godís love; the evangel and its ultimate consequences; and the definitive meaning of the Greek word aion. Booklet. 48 Page. $3.95

The Tracts of Joseph E. Kirk (#1599) Joseph E. Kirk. Kirk was gifted at condensing Scripture truths into short understandable presentations. This is a collection of his widely circulated tracts. They are great learning tools of truth. (fc) Paperback. 94 pages. $9.95

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