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Godís Holy Nation: Israel and Her Earthly Purpose (Contrasted with the Body of Christ and Its Heavenly Purpose) (#2275) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. Israel plays a key role in Godís plan of the ages. Though currently she has been set aside ďuntil the times of the nations be fulfi lled,Ē He is by no means done with her.

Today, God is operating His purpose in the ecclesia Ė the Church, the Body of Christ. The Scriptures provide us with the clear, critical distinction between Godís earthly nation and Christís celestial body.

Christendom, however, has diminished Israelís divine significance in an attempt to advance their artificial homogenization of Scriptureís grand theme, thus obscuring the glorious evangel of our day Ė ďthe Good News of the Happy GodĒ committed to the trust of Paul, our Apostle.

This work highlights some of the more prominent distinctions which belong to Godís literal, physical, earthly nation. In so doing, it is our desire to allow the reader to see more clearly Godís dealings with Godís favored nation, so that they may in turn embrace a far greater calling and purpose. ISBN: 9781934251887 -- 360 page PB $19.95

God's Purpose In Israel: Illustrated in History, Type and Prophecy (#1734) by E. W. Bullinger. Starting with the call of Abraham, progressing through Jacob and his twelve sons, and continuing through the rest of the Old Testament and much of the New, Bullinger does an excellent job is tracing Godís Purpose in Israel. If the importance of a subject can be measured by the amount of space given to it by God in the Scriptures, then this is one of the most important. Indeed to have a good overall understanding of the Bible, we must have some appreciation of Godís Purpose in Israel. 1934251119 / 9781934251119 -- 36pp. BK $4.95
Present-Day Israel: A Compilation (#3999) Is the present-day nation known as ďIsraelĒ really the restoration of Godís favored nation? A collection of works by four authors, including: Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. and Tom L. Ballinger. 59 pages. PB. $7.95
Rightly Dividing Israelís Prophetic Kingdom Ė With Special Emphasis on The Overlooked Pre-Millennial ďKingdom of the HeavensĒ (A Comprehensive Compilation) Editors: Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Andrť Sneidar (#4132) There are enormous amounts of prophecy that were given to Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures that are yet to be fulfilled. Most believers simply follow some version of Christendomís eschatology, futilely attempting to force the enormity of Israelís prophetic scene into a few extremely abridged time periods. From this shallow vantage point, it is believed that more time has passed in Godís ages than remains. This couldnít be further from the truth. Multiplied millennia remain, more than have yet transpired, for the fulfillment of all the glorious plans that God has revealed in His Word. Far from being near the ďendĒ of something prophetic, the span of Godís eonian plan is immense, and our placement is early on in its timeline. Much more of Godís prophetic program remains than manís feeble eschatologies allow. The intention herein is to present an alternative view to the confusing message of the traditional Evangelical concept of prophecy, thus opening the door to a consideration of the idea of a Pre-millennial Kingdom as the fulfillment of many of Godís promise to Israel to have their kingdom in the Earth.

This book contains 87 chapters, with charts and appendices, from 22 authors. Taken together, they are a wonderful resolution to the confusion of the conventional religious theology that has muddled the minds of sincere Bible students for centuries. While we may live in the Secret Administration, that doesnít necessarily mean that Godís Word regarding His plans for Israel must be a mystery to us. 1st Edition, A4 (8.3 x 11.7), Paperback, 342 pages.
The Supposed Lost Tribes of Israel: A Compilation Exposing British Israelism (#3982) Were some of the tribes of Israel ever really lost? Six works spanning over 125 years, by authors: A.A. Isaacs, Harold J. Berry, A.E. Knoch, Charles H. Welch, and Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. 108 pages. PB. $10.95





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