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Christ ID

IDentification & Spiritual Growth

Here are materials emphasizing the believer’s Identification in Jesus Christ (sometimes referred to as “the Exchanged Life,” or “the Union Life”) and the method of true spiritual growth during “the Dispensation of the Grace of God.”

    Books Available on Spiritual Identification:

Believer's Warfare, The: Wearing the Armor of Light in the Darkness of this World (#7000) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. The believer is in the middle of an ancient spiritual warfare that is as old as mankind. The battle itself, although intense, is not complicated. It is not a process of spiritual hoop-jumping. Indeed it is simple. The Believer's Warfare surveys a few key passages of Scripture to reveal God's sure plan of victory in the life of His saints. ISBN: 9781934251003 / 1934251003 -- 48 page BK $9.95

How to Be Free From Sin While Smoking a Cigarette: The book for people with weaknesses (#3810) by Martin Zender. This book is written for those who know what they’re supposed to do but sometimes don’t do it. It’s written for those who think that their own particular weakness keeps God from completely liking them. It’s written for those who just can’t shake a bad habit. This book is written for the wretched souls who totter between their passion life and their desire for God, not realizing that in order to have a desire for God they must also be dogged by at least one detestable/wonderful passion that keeps them humble and needing Him. PB 102pp $10.95

I Choose! Living Life to Its Fullest (#4120) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. Forty-Eight Daily Thoughts on Divine Life. You are alive! Yet not just alive, but alive with the very life of God! Don’t allow your “What if…” imaginations of the past or the future to lay claim to the present that God has given you. Allow the objective, unchanging truth of who God has made you in the Lord Jesus Christ to transform your mind and life as you take this spiritual journey of I Choose.” ISBN: 9781934251324 / 1934251321 --192 page PB $16.95

Identification  BLOG: Visit our Identification blog. It contains short quotes, articles, and studies on the Identity in Christ; a great place for interaction!


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