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A Harmony of Passion Week: "A Confrontation with the Truth" (#1886) by Loyal F. Hurley (1886-1967). Paperback. 16 pages. $3.95

Harmony of the Last Week, The: A Complete Rearrangement of the Last Week in the Life of Christ (#0059) by Eugene Charles Callaway. A detailed expose of “Good Friday” and “Palm Sunday.” In a 25 year study of the “Passion Week” Callaway identified 40 common errors traditionally held. His investigation resulted in this deep and comprehensive work. -- 247 page Paperback $19.95

The Myth of Easter: The “Christian Mythology” Series (#1675) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This is an overview of the pagan myths related to Easter along with the scriptural truth of Christ’s resurrection, with chart. 72 page BK $4.95

The Real Story of Jesus Christ's Birth: An in-depth biblical and historical look into the truths surrounding the birth of Jesus (#4488) by Paul R. Pontis. Leave it to religion to get things all messed up. It can't even get the plain story of the birth of Christ correct. This work contains a wealth of historical and scriptural knowledge, effectively displacing commonly held traditions and legends surrounding the birth of Christ. Besides being enjoyable to read, this work is also a valuable reference guide. 158pp. PB $12.95

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