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William B. Hallman


The Apostle to the Gentiles (Paul, His Life, Labors and Letters) (#1421) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 382 pages. $22.95
Biblical Hermeneutics (#1438) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). "The following notes were first compiled while I was pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church at Minneapolis, Minn. I was invited by Dr. Robert L. Moyer, then Dean of Northwestern Bible School, to teach Biblical Hermeneutics at their evening school. At first, I hesitated because I had not had any full course on the subject. But Dr. Moyer insisted that I should come. He said that he would have his secretary come to his class, take down his complete lecture, and have it typed for me. I could then use them as a basis for my notes and teaching. With this kind offer, I could not very well refuse. So during the years 1932-33, I taught Biblical Hermeneutics at the school founded by Dr. W. B. Riley." – Hallman. (fc) Paperback. 214 pages. $19.95
The Book of Daniel (#1445) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95
The Book of Isaiah (#1452) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 66 pages. $8.95
The Book of Mark (#1469) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 198 pages. $18.95
Dispensational Distinctions: Lessons on the Book of Genesis (#1476) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 246 pages. $19.95
The Epistle to the Hebrews (#1483) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 144 pages. $13.95
The Epistle to the Romans (#1490) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 66 pages. $8.95
The Great Contrast (#1513) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). It is an absolute necessity to “Distinguish between the things that differ” (Philippians 1:10) if we are to escape all the confusion and the delusion present on every hand. To unite what God has separated is just as gross a violation of His Will and Word as it is to separate what He has united. (fc) Paperback. 36 pages. $3.95
In the Heavenlies: Studies in Ephesians (#3135) by William B. Hallman (1903-1973) The key to this book of Ephesians is the phrase which occurs five times, namely, “in the Heavenlies” (en tois epouraniois). It is found in 1:3; 1:20; 2:6; 3:10; and 6:12. It is the dative plural, and in this grammatical construction always means a locality. It is correctly rendered in 1:20, “in the heavenly places” or “in the heavenlies,” and should so have been translated in all five occurrences. This phrase is found nowhere else in the Scriptures. 70 pages. Paperback. $5.95
The King and the Kingdom in History and Prophecy (#0646) by William B. Hallman. Paperback. 42 pages $4.95
The Short Works of William B. Hallman (#1506) William B. Hallman. Contents: Complete in Christ; Flowers and Birds of the Bible; From Guilt to Glory through Grace; A Study of the Book of Ruth; In the Heavenlies (Ephesians); Introduction to the Psalms; The Lord’s Prayer: It’s Historical Place and Dispensational Purpose; A Metaphor of the Mystery: The Body of Christ; Satan’s Greatest Surprise; The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Dispensation of the Secret; The Uniqueness of Our Calling. (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95

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