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Concordant Greek Text (#6350) This text allows the reader to see every passage just as it was penned nearly two thousand years ago, in the ancient uncial alphabet. An ultra-literal and consistent English sublinear is provided which uniformly expresses the Greek grammar with English standards. Wherever possible the first letter of the English standard in the sublinear stands directly under the first letter of the corresponding Greek word. With a format uniform throughout to facilitate reference, there are 20 Greek letters to the line and 50 to the column, giving 1000 to the page. Readings variant from the basic text are given in the superlinear.735p HB $24.95

Critical Lexicon & Concordance to the English & Greek New Testament (#4319) by E. W. Bullinger. English words appear in alphabetical order along with the equivalent Greek words, their literal and derivative meanings, and a list of passages in which they appear. Includes a comprehensive Greek-English index. 1040pp HB $54.95
Figures of Speech Used In the Bible: Explained and Illustrated (#5169) by E. W. Bullinger. Bible students have made serious blunders through the inattention to figures of speech, clouding the real meaning of many important passages of Scripture. Bullinger's work, first published in 1898, clarifies 217 distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. In systematic order, this classic gives the proper pronunciation of each figure of speech, its etymology or origin, and a number of Scripture passages where the figure of speech is used, giving full explanation of its use in each context. It cites nearly eight thousand Bible passages and includes five appendices and seven indexes, making it even more valuable as a reference tool. No other work approaches the scope and detail of this field of study. New type-set and size (8.5 x 11) and 534 page PB $49.95 SALE $39.95
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (HB #5703) by James Strong. This volume is an indispensable tool that all readers of the Bible will want to have as part of their basic library. A monumental reference work containing the location of every word in the KJV, as well as noting the Greek and Hebrew words underlying the translation.  HB $24.95

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