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"Endless Punishment:
In the Very Words of Its Advocates"

by Thomas Jefferson Sawyer

ISBN: 978-1-934251-24-9


Endless Punishment In the Very Words of Its Advocates is a an exposition on endless punishment drawn from 28 principle sources.


“I should be ashamed of myself, if, believing in God and in Christ, I still feared their ultimate failure in this great work of redemption. God never fails. And I beg those of the contrary part to reflect that the final issue of the divine government, whether it be in harmony with our theology.” – Thomas J. Sawyer




About the Author:


Minister, author, editor, publisher, and educator, Sawyer was the founder and editor of The Christian Messenger, a weekly newspaper (which later become The Universalist Union, and then The Christian Ambassador).


Sawyer was given many honors during his lifetime, including a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) from Harvard in 1850, and a Doctorate of Laws (LL.D.) from Tufts in 1894.


His books include: Letters to the Rev. Stephen Remington in Review of His “Lectures on Universalism” (1839); Review of Reverend E. F. Halfield’s “Universalism as it Is” (1843); Memoirs of Rev. Stephen R. Smith (1852); The Doctrine of Endless Misery (1853) A Discussion of the Doctrine of Universal Salvation (1854); Who is Our God, the Son or the Father? (1859); and his most well know work Endless Punishment in the Very Words of its Advocates (1880).


A substantial memoir, The Life of Thomas J. Sawyer, was written by Richard Eddy in 1900.


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"Endless Punishment:

In the Very Words of Its Advocates"

Beautiful! - 224 Page,  PB (Paperback)




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