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Resources providing historical information as well as spiritual encouragement from the lives of fellow-members of the Body of Christ who now "sleep with the Lord."


E. W. Bullinger: A Biography  (#4801) by Juanita S. Carey. A behind-the-scenes look at the man who devoted his life to the careful analysis of the biblical text -- a man rooted in the belief that the Bible truly is the written word of God. A man who had one lifelong ambition – to search the word of God with diligence and faithfully pass on to others the truth he found there. 19 pictures. 316pp PB $19.95
The Life of Sir Robert Anderson & Lady Agnes Anderson (#0684) by A. P. Moore-Anderson (their son), 190 pages, Paperback $19.95
Presenting the Truth in Love: In Memoriam of A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). (#1874) This word consists of seven short chapters: (1) Presenting the Truth in Love – A.E. Knoch; (2) My Father – As I Remember Him – Ernest O. Knoch; (3) Knoch and His Work: A Biographical Sketch by a Close Friend and Long Time Associate – Edward H. Clayton; (4) My Brethren Background – A.E. Knoch; (5) Musings On Mount Olivet – A.E. Knoch; (6) Be Confirmed in the Faith – A.E. Knoch; (7) The Funeral Message – Herman H. Rocke. Paperback. 50 pages. $4.95
Steps I Have Taken, The by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. (#1175) A short autobiographical work. 65 pages, Paperback, $5.95


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