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  Bible Study Principles

Resources to help the hungry-hearted Bible student approach the Scriptures with understanding

Another Look at “Bible Study”: The Misuse II Timothy 2:15 and the Abuse of Christ’s Body (#0370) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. 80 page. PB, $4.95

“You continue to bless me with messages that relieve the burden.” – Illinois
“Helped me shed major bondage.”– Michigan
“What a freeing teaching.” - Pennsylvania
“Such a balm to my soul.” – Canada
“Finally relieved me of yet another religious burden.” – Poland

Bible Study: A Personal Quest (#1195) by Daniel Andersen. Aims to encourage and stimulate Christians to approach the Bible for themselves, to come to their own conclusions but to be ever aware and respectful of others and their views. 35pp. BK $4.95
How To Enjoy the Bible: or, The "Word" and "The Words", How to Study Them (#3242) by E. W. Bullinger. A unique introduction to your study of God's Word. You’re guided in the adventure of open and honest study of the Scripture from within -- allowing it to speak for itself. Twelve practical principles make inductive Bible study come alive. 472pp. PB  $19.95
How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures (#5683) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). This book deals chiefly with the correct partitioning of the Word of Truth. The seven chapters are titled as follows: God Has Spoken; A Divine Admonition of Endeavor; How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures; Have a Pattern of Sound Words; Distinguish the Things that Differ; Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, and the Conclusion. “The book should prove extremely valuable in introducing the knowledge of Paul's special ministry to those who are strangers to it.” - A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). Facsimile Paperback. 72 pages. $6.95
Making the Most of the Bible: Lessons on Understanding God's Word (#1942) by Stephen Hill. If you are one of the many plagued by this hopelessness, take heart! Making the Most of the Bible is what you've been waiting for: a practical and simple guide to understanding God's Word. In the short amount of time it takes you to read this book, you will learn lessons that will drastically improve your ability to make sense of your Bible for the rest of your life. Make the most of this book as you discover how to make the most of your Bible! -- 100 page Paperback. $9.95

Bible Study BLOG: Visit our Bible Study blog. It contains short quotes, articles, and studies on Studying the Bible. It’s a great place for interaction!


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