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Materials that expound on God's present purpose in the "one baptism" of Ephesians 4:5, in contrast with Israel's many baptisms.


Baptism And the Bible (#3024) by C. R. Stam. There are few subjects that have caused more confusion than "water baptism." Since God is not the author of confusion, the problem unquestionably lies with a faulty system of interpretation. This work presents a simple solution to the matter that Christianity has overlooked for generations. 133pp. HB $9.95
The Glory of the One Baptism (#2299) Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992). A dispensational look at the subject of baptism through the Scriptures, with a special focus on the glory of the “one baptism” for today. Facsimile. Paperback. 32 Pages. $4.95
On Baptism: or From Infancy to Maturity in Christ (#4003) A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). One of Knoch’s earliest works, this is a detailed study of baptism throughout the Scriptures. It discusses the meaning of baptism as it is associated with Israel and its rituals, the Kingdom and its prerequisites, and the Body of Christ with its baptism.” This had a profound effect on E.W. Bullinger and he ran this in his periodical Things to Come. Booklet. 64 pages. $4.95
Water Baptism (#2909) This compilation work answers the question as to whether or not water baptism is a part of this current dispensation. Ten chapters from the following authors: Oscar M. Baker, Denis Durham, Stephen Hill, Richard Jordan, R. H. Lampkin, Kenneth J. Morgan, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Ike T. Sidebottom. Paperback. 108 Pages. $9.95

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