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Animals: Their Past and Future (#3951) by G. H. (George Hawkins) Pember (1837–1910). This short, yet insightful Scripture study of the animal kingdom is from the author of the classic, Earth's Earliest Ages. Although he approaches this subject from the erroneous, traditional teaching of the ‘immortality of the soul,’ which he extends to the animal kingdom, he nonetheless ability dispels other myths and mistranslations that have barred a proper understanding of animals. He correctly contends that both man and animal are nephesh chaiyah – “a living soul,” and that resurrection extends to the animal kingdom. In elementary fashion he makes a notable addition to the theme of God’s grand plan of redemption that includes animals, by what he calls “the Scriptural proof of the immortality of all God’s creation.” He also stresses the theme of the just treatment of animals, proposing that our current dealings with animals are to be vested, like ours, in their glorious future. Facsimile of the original 1883 edition. 33 pages. PB. $3.95

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