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  Concordant Literal (Bible)
  A helpful reference tool, making you aware of distinct Hebrew and Greek words.

The Concordant Version of the Scared Scriptures is a literal translation, seeking to carry over the original text through a consistent concordant English vocabulary. The type is large and readable, with boldface representing the actual English translation of the original Hebrew and Greek and lightface showing English words added for idiomatic clarity or to reflect grammatical significance. Each page has wide margins. An abbreviation key is provided, and there is a comprehensive Explanatory Introduction as well as six pages of Instructions for Use.

The hardcover version (NT olny) is bound together with the Keyword Concordance, in which the English words used in the text are arranged alphabetically. It is at the same time a Greek concordance, because the entries, though listed in English form (according to the primary English Keywords), represent the original Greek words. In addition, the respective word in the Greek original is always added (in Roman characters) beside the English standard. At the end of each entry is given a list of all the words used in the Authorized (King James) Version for that Greek term. In addition, these AV terms appear in regular alphabetical order in this Concordance, together with a reference to the Concordant Keyword.


  Old Testament

Cover size: 10.75 x 7.125 x 2.5 (thick)

5.15 lb, 1736 pages, Hardback

ISBN 0910424098  -  (#4098)

Concordant Version of the Old Testament: Complete One Volume Large Print Edition (Old Testament)


Printed on thin "Bible paper" and hardbound with black imitation leather. The procedures used in making the translation are as follows: By analyzing the contextual usages of each Hebrew and Aramaic word, a single English word was first selected as its most suitable equivalent. Then, to achieve readability, some words were given a limited number of idiomatic variants that are harmonious with the sense derived from the investigations. English words used as the common translation of particular Hebrew words, and even idiomatic variants, were not used for other Hebrew words. Boldface type was used for words (or even parts of words) having exact counterparts in the Hebrew. And lightface type was used for words (or parts of words) which were added to clarify the meaning of the respective word in the Hebrew text. In addition, small symbols and abbreviations were inserted between or attached to words to represent omitted terms, to indicate grammatical features and the sources of emendations to the Hebrew text. 7" x 10.5" page size, Cover size: 10.75 x 7.125 x 2.5 (thick) 5.15 lbs.


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  New Testament

(Hardback) New Testament w/ Keyword Concordance

7.6 x 5.9 x 1.4

992 pages. Hardback (Blue)

ISBN 0910424144

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(Paperback) New Testament

7.5x 5.5x .75

624 pages. Paperback

ISBN 0910424098



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