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The Personal Study Journal With 1,200 lined pages, this Bible-looking journal is great for taking study notes. It is 8.75󬝭 and is bound in a stylish black leather cover with silver gilding. (#1217) $39.95


The Fallacy of Post Mortem Punishment in Light of a Successful Savior by Mike Owens. This is a summary of the biblical, logical and philosophical reasons by which the author has abandoned the notion of hell or punishment after death. God is an all-powerful God of love Who knows how to win hearts and minds. To assume that He needs to use physical or psychological pain in order to gain the admiration, love or loyalty of His creatures is an insult to His sovereignty and wisdom. Like Thomas and Paul who came to believe by something they saw and experienced, not by faith everyone, even the Hitlers and Stalins of this world, will experience PRA Post Resurrection Amazement. Paperback. 48 Pages.
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God’s Revealed Purpose (#3166) by Henry William Fry (1848-1938). H.W. Fry was an associate of E.W. Bullinger and A.E. Knoch and contributor to Things to Come and Unsearchable Riches magazine. His many works included God’s Plan in the Bible. He was a grandson of Elizabeth Fry, the Quaker prison reformer. He was also an intimate friend of the Salvation Army’s founders, William and Catherine Booth. It is said that it was largely owing to Fry’s influence that the Salvation Army would not observe baptism and the Lord’s Supper. This book shows that in introducing sin and evil into the universe, God was giving the greatest proof of His wisdom, love and goodness. Chapters include: (1) God’s Revealed Purpose; (2) The Three Spheres; (3) Pentecost; (4) Biographical Sketch. Paperback. 56 Pages. $7.95
The Eonian Times: or, God抯 Purpose of the Eons or Ages (#3159) by Leon A. Bynoe. Contents: 1. The Eonian Times, 2. God ALL in All, 3. The Way of Salvation, 4. Leon A. Bynoe Biography, 5. Leon A. Bynoe Obituary. Facsimile. 54 pages. Paperback. $6.95
An Analytical Study of Words (#0622) by Louis Abbott (1915-1996). This in-depth study on various words that have been translated as 揺ternal, 揺verlasting, 搄udgment, 揾ell etc., has proved to be an invaluable study tool for many. After leaving his pastorate Abbott gave much of his life to studying Greek and Hebrew, ranging from ancient manuscripts to modern scholarship. Louis, who studied the Greek New Testament for 50 years, spent his lifetime gathering this treasure-trove of information, which is now made available to the world. 78 pages. Facsimile. Paperback. $9.95
The Dispensational Writings of William Tucker Broad (#3173) by W.T. Broad (1860-1923). Professor Broad was an associate of Dr. E.W. Bullinger, contributor to Things to Come magazine, and assisted him in preparing the Companion Bible. He was an Oxford graduate who had a long teaching career. He helped start and was a staff member at Mt. Royal College. Broad specialized in Bible studies and was one of the translators of the Twentieth Century New Testament and contributor to The Open English Bible. He lived and ministered in England, Allentown, PA, and British Columbia, Canada. Book Chapters: 1. The Social Legislation of the Law, 2. Our Lord抯 Earthly Ministry, 3The Coming Kingdom, 4. Broad抯 Biography, 5. Broad抯 Obituary. Facsimile. 54 Pages. Paperback. $8.95
Was Jesus Christ Alive Before His Life on Earth Began?: A Critical Look at the Supposed Preexistence of Christ (#3142) by Aaron Welch. Paul was exact in his statement that 搕here is one God, the Father and one Lord, Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 8:6, Concordant). The only absolute God is the Father, and He has no equals. The Lord Jesus Christ is a part of His creation; the Spirit is an expression meaning God抯 spirit. This exceptional work embraces the truth of 搕he man Christ Jesus (I Timothy 2:5), exposing the traditional orthodox position known as the 損re-existence of Christ, a creed vitally connected with Christendom抯 teaching of the Trinity. The 損re-existence of Christ does great dishonor to both the Father and His Son, diminishing the true glory that belong uniquely to each. 180 pages. Paperback. $14.95



The Undoing of Adam (and the Approach Present of God) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. Christ is greater than Adam, undoing what Adam did. In fact, Christ抯 work at Calvary is greater than Adam抯 fall. All of God抯 creation will be gloriously saved by the successful work of 搕he Savior of the world (John 4:42). Salvation is not dependent on us at all; it is all about Christ and His work alone. Paul taught that the exact same 揳ll who are condemned in Adam are the exact same 揳ll who are justified in Christ (Romans 5:18), and that the exact same 揳ll who die in Adam are the exact same 揳ll who are 搈ade alive in Christ (I Corinthians 15:22). Christianity has an Adam who is greater than Christ; however, it is Christ Who is greater than Adam. A note concerning the cover: We wanted a cover that would immediately convey the theme of the book抯 content, choosing to go with a traditional 揷ross scene to express the work of Christ at Calvary. Yet Christ did not die on a 揷ross, but was nailed to a simple 搒take. An explanation is provided in the appendix. 98 Pages. Paperback.
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The Administration of the Secret (A Comprehensive Compilation). The Secret Administration, revealed through Ephesians and Colossians, is characterized and empowered by the dispensation of transcendent grace (Ephesians 1:7; 2:7; 3:2). Now, believing Gentiles are 搉o longer guests and sojourners as they were in the Pentecostal and Readjustment Administrations, but are fellow-citizens of the saints and members of God抯 family (Ephesians 2:19). This outstanding work includes 45 chapters, by 17 authors, spanning nearly 200 years. Author抯 include: Oscar M. Baker, Tom L. Ballinger , J. R. Caldwell, E. H. Clayton, J.J.B. Coles, John Essex, J.H. Evans, H.W. Fry, Vladimir Gelesnoff, William B. Hallman, Richard Holden, John H. Kessler, A.E. Knoch, Adlai Loudy, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and Charles H. Welch. 308 Pages. (#2863) Hardcover $29.95, (#2862) Paperback $19.95

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Water Baptism (#2909) This compilation work answers the question as to whether or not water baptism is a part of this current dispensation. Ten chapters from the following authors: Oscar M. Baker, Denis Durham, Stephen Hill, Richard Jordan, R. H. Lampkin, Kenneth J. Morgan, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Ike T. Sidebottom. Paperback. 108 Pages. $9.95
The Curse of Coniah and Christ抯 Genealogy  The virgin birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, was an absolute necessity, judging from the genealogies. At first glance the opposite seems to be the logical deduction. Why should His descent be traced back to David and Abraham unless He was their natural Heir? Why go back to Adam unless He had a perfect pedigree? Authors include: John Cale, Joseph Hartill, A.E. Knoch and Fred Meldau. 76 Pages.

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The Body of Christ: Its Unity from Conception to Consummation. This is a significant compilation of 18 authors, 69 works, spanning over a century. Author抯 include: Arthur P. Adams, Daniel Andersen, E.W. Bullinger, Alan Burns, Edward Clayton, F.W. Davis, John Essex, Stephen Hill, A.E. Knoch, E.A. Larsen, Aaron Locker, William Mealand, J.R. Miller, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, Alan Reid and William B. Screws. 354 Pages.
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The Works of William Mealand (1873-1957) Mealand of England is best remembered for his prolific devotional series which appeared in Unsearchable Riches for more than two decades, which are the basis of this collection. He was also a conference speaker at the United Gatherings held in England. A faithful co-labor with A.E. Knoch and a compiler of the Concordant Version. Facsimile. 462 Pages.
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The Writings of M. Jaegle (#3050) Jaegle was an esteemed German associate of A.E. Knoch and contributor to the periodicals Unsearchable Riches and Unausforschlcher Reichtum. Facsimile, Paperback. 476 pages $23.95
The Creation of Evil, Sin and Satan: A Compilation (#2954) The truth laid forth in this work should help us greatly in our dealings others, especially those who have failed in some way which may bring dishonor on His Name, or cannot accept His truth, or even oppose it and us, especially mature teachings such as is put forth in the pages of this book. It contains 19 authors, 49 works, spanning 150 years. Authors include: Arthur P. Adams, E.W. Bullinger, Alan Burns, Edward Clayton, John Essex, H.W. Fry, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Norman P. Grubb, Donald G. Hayter, A. E. Knoch, William Mealand, Andr Piet, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Ray Van Dyke, William H. Walker, and James Webb. Paperback. 302 Pages. $19.95
The Sacred Scrolls of the Scriptures (#3005) by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). This treats briefly the books of the Scriptures in their relation to one another. Such a simple presentation of the correct apportionment of the truth will be helpful in reaching those who have never considered the importance of this subject. Facsimile. Paperback. 104 Pages. $10.95
God抯 Administrations (#2978) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). A look at the administrations of Scripture. Facsimile. Paperback. 54 Pages. $6.95
The Place of the Ecclesia in God抯 Purpose (#2961) John H. Essex (1907-1991) That the ecclesia has been assigned a very important role in the purpose of God. Clearly it should be profitable for us to examine in detail what this role. This is the aim of thease studies. Facsimile. Paperback. 72 Pages. $9.95
Studies in Genesis (#2893) A.E. Knoch (1874-1965) A dispensational consideration of the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures. Facsimile. Paperback. 668 Pages. $29.95




The Divine Reconciliation of the Universe: A Comprehensive Compilation (#2947) This work does not contend for a mere doctrine; its authors are championing the revealed character of God. The gloomy cloud of theology has obscured Him from us for far too long. Tradition抯 chilling mists have cooled our enjoyment of His power, wisdom and grace. Religions have libeled His name, repelling the instinctive responses of our heart. Christianity has left us unable to defend His honor in the presence of His enemies. Now all of this is gone and we are able to vindicate Him in all His ways before all His creatures! Adapted from the Preface

This ultimate collection of 110 works by 46 authors spans nearly 200 years. It is an extensive compilation that is essential for every library. Authors include: Arthur P. Adams, Thomas Allin, Alan Burns, E. H. Clayton, Bob Evely, Phillip Garrison, Vladimir Gelesnoff, J. W. Hanson, Joseph E. Kirk, A. E. Knoch, Arthur C. Lamb, Aaron Locker, Adlai Loudy, Andrew Maclarty, R.B. Macnab, Erasmus Manford, H. W. Martin, Robert McLaurine, Robert McMahon, William Mealand, Andr Piet, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, George W. Quinby, William C. Rebmann, F. H. Robison, A.E. Saxby, Hannah Whitall Smith, Andr Sneidar, James Strahan, E. F. Stroeter, Thomas Talbott, Ray Van Dyke, and Peter Woodhouse.
Paperback. 640 Pages.

The Lord抯 Supper: A Compilation (#2916) A dispensational consideration of whether or not the Lord抯 Supper is necessary for today. Authors include Bert W. Hallman, John H. Kessler, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., R.B. Shiflet, Ike T. Sidebottom, and Charles H. Welch. Paperback. 70 Pages. $9.95


Paul the Apostle: His Acts and Post-Acts Ministries (A Comprehensive Compilation). (#2749) This ultimate dispensational collection of 97 works by 28 authors spans over 130 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Authors include: Sir Robert Anderson, Oscar Baker, A. E. Bishop, Robert C. Brock, E.W. Bullinger, J.J.B. Coles, E. H. Clayton, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Stephen Hill, Richard Holden, M. Jaegle, Win Johnson, A.E. Knoch, Adlai Loudy, William Mealand, D.L. McCroskey, William R. Newell, Alan Reid, Danny Russino, John D. LaVier, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, A. A. Sandoz, R.B. Shiflet and Charles H. Welch. Paperback. 624 Pages. $29.95

The New Birth: A Compilation (#2923) by Richard Jordan, A.E. Knoch, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Howard Bunce, Edward Clayton, John Essex.  揃orn Again and 揟he New Birth are among the many popular terms used by many believers. Although these terms are used by many dear brothers as being synonymous with salvation, they in fact have a very limited application, being used for the nation of Israel, and therefore are not 損resent truth for the Body of Christ. Paperback. 48 Pages. $4.95

The Present Truth Concerning Sign Gifts: A Comprehensive Compilation (#2930) 11 authors, 18 chapters, spanning nearly 150 years. Authors include A.E. Bishop, Robert C. Brock, E.W. Bullinger, Duane Gallentine, Win Johnson, Richard Jordan, A.E. Knoch, John LaVier, D.L. McCroskey, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and Andr Sneidar. Paperback. 136 Pages. $12.95

The Third Heaven - Our Celestial Destiny: A Comprehensive Compilation. (#2855) 11 authors, 31 chapters. Author’s include: Arthur P. Adams, Oscar M. Baker, John H. Essex, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Donald G. Hayter, A.E. Knoch, William Mealand, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, and Charles H. Welch. -- Paperback. 212 Pages. $19.95

The Three Spheres of Glory: A Compilation (#2817) Very few know and understand the three spheres of age-abiding (or eonian) glory that belong to the three distinct classes of saints. For the first time this crucial compilation brings together five groundbreaking works from 3 valued authors of the past: Dr. E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913) Henry William Fry (1848-1939) Charles H. Welch (1880-1967). Facsimile Paperback. 80 Pages. $9.95
Studies in Philippians (#2756) by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). 揚hilippians, almost more than any other epistle, must be considered as a unit. Its truth is so little known or practiced, and so distinctive in character, that a passage outside its context, or severed from the main theme, may suggest a thought quite contradictory to its message. Knoch. Facsimile Paperback. 116 Pages. $11.95
His Grandest Glories: Studies in Colossians (#2497) by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). Christ and His highest honors come before us in Colossians, even as the saints and their celestial blessings are the theme of Ephesians. There the transcendent truths of the present secret administration were set forth as they affect the believers among the nations, who become peers of an election out of Israel in spiritual, supernal dignities. Here these tremendous truths are a halo on the brow of Christ. His glories as the Messiah of Israel on the earth are magnified to universal dimensions. All is created in Him in the beginning, and all is reconciled in Him at the consummation. Facsimile Paperback. 114 Pages. $11.95
Rooted and Grounded in Love: Studies in Ephesians (#2442) A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). A detailed, dispensational study of the pinnacle of Paul抯 revelation. Facsimile Paperback. 380 Pages. $19.95
God 101 (Back to Basics) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. (#2527) Sadly, there are some who would teach of a god who somehow does not know all things, is not all powerful, is not sovereign, and is always changing his mind. This may be a god of religion, but it is not the God of Scripture. This work goes back to the basics, back to a scriptural foundation of the True and Living God.
Paperback. 70 Pages. $4.95
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Prophetic Obsession in an Unprophesied Administration (#2398). A Collection of Works Concerning the Nature of Unfulfilled Prophecy. List of authors contained in this work are: Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) Cecil J. Blay (1906-1976) A.E. Knoch (1874-1965) J. Vernon McGee (1904-1988) Andrew Miller (1810-1883) Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992) C.R. Stam (1909-2003). Paperback. 62 Pages. $7.95
The Absolute Sovereignty of God (#2435). The is a comprehensive compilation. This quintessential book victoriously celebrates and convincingly proclaims the absolute sovereignty of God. Sadly, religion has veiled the truth of the God of the Bible, making Him either an aloof deity, indifferent to the condition of the creation, or one who is at the worst cruel or at the least unloving and uncaring. Yet the loving Deity of Sacred Scripture always has had and will have sole and complete control over His entire creation. This ultimate collection of 100 works by 34 authors spans nearly 175 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Paperback. 478 pages. $19.95
Ultimate Liberation: Subtitle: Beyond Forgiveness (The Justification from and of Sin) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. (#2510) Many people labor under a heavy weight of guilt and shame. The answer is to be found only in the total provision that God Himself has already provided! Paperback. 60 Pages. $4.95
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The Sin of Sectarianism (#2473) by Jack W. Langford. This is a unique collection of quotations from some of the world抯 most respected preachers about this great carnality of Christendom. It is sincerely dedicated to those of you who, as professing Christians, have chosen to fellowship within the fraternity of manmade denominationalism. We hope that you will appreciate what your very own preachers have so clearly, eloquently and forcibly stated to be the truth regarding this sinful condition of sectarian institutions. Facsimile Paperback. 84 Pages. $9.95 


How Eternity Slipped In: Or, Whence Eternity? (#2404) Alexander Thomson (1889-1966). The inspired Scriptures never speak of 揺ternity. They describe nothing as eternal. They contain no term which in itself bears our time sense of 揺verlasting. As eternity is not a subject of revelation, our present object is to discover how and when this unscriptural term gained entrance into theology with most disastrous results. As this is really a historical investigation, it will be necessary to allude to a considerable number of historical events, and to quote from a number of by-gone translators and their versions. It is hoped that such a study, along with an examination of various primitive words dealing with time, will dispel any doubts in the minds of those who do not feel thoroughly assured regarding the use of the word eonian in place of eternal. Paperback. 58 Pages. $7.95
Messiah in Both Testaments (#2459) Dr. Fred John Meldau (1899-1969). The most amazing drama that ever was presented to the mind of man a drama written in prophecy in the Old Testament and in biography in the four Gospels is the narrative of Jesus Christ. This outstanding reference work addresses all the major Scriptures in the Old Testament that foretell of the coming Messiah, as well as the fulfillment of those prophecies in the New Testament. It is a fantastic summary of specific, detailed prophecies made about the coming Messiah, and how they were fulfilled in a specific, detailed way in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, hundreds of years after they were first given. It will provide insight as to how the Scriptures have successfully withstood so many assaults against its veracity over the centuries. Paperback. 96 Pages. $9.95
The Great Question: Will God Redeem His Own Creation? (#1810) G.E. (Gustavus Emanuel) Hiller (1852-1939). Hiller was an associate of A.E. Knoch and the editor of The Promise magazine that eventually merged with the Unsearchable Riches in 1924. German born, he pastored German Methodist churches in Minneapolis, Toledo, Covington and Louisville, finishing his long ministry outside of the church-system in Indianapolis (among a fellowship rotating in homes, affectionately known as The Berean Circle). 978-1-62904-181-0 Paperback, 292 Pages. (fc) $20.95
God抯 Rules for Scriptural Interpretation: Man抯 Place in God抯 Purpose (#1865) Charles J. Peart (1896-1989). The purpose of this work is twofold; to endeavor to get believers to see where we belong in the purpose of God today, and to expose unsound unscriptural teachings, which are keeping believers from learning where we belong in the purpose of God now. Peart was an active associate of A.E. Knoch. In addition to being a conference speaker, he conducting resident ministry in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Novato, Sacramento, and Auburn CA. He also spearheaded the placement of a Concordant Version in every public library in CA. 978-1-62904-186-5 Paperback. 194 Pages. (fc) $17.95
The Purpose of God抯 Will (#1254) Guy Marks (1899-1989). (fc) Paperback, 350 pages. $22.95
Studies in Acts (#1704) H. W. (Herman William) Martin (1883-1959). One of the least understood books in the Scriptures is the Book of Acts. It is usually treated as a history of the early 揷hurch, but the Body of Christ is not the subject of that book. What then is the Book of Acts? Such is the subject of this work from an associate of A.E. Knoch. This extensive series ran for a decade in the Unsearchable Riches (1921-1931). Knoch抯 longstanding desire was that this series appear in book form. Granting his desire, these many decades later, we抮e pleased to present this facsimile publishing of this lengthy series as a book. Paperback. 48 Chapters. 502 Pages. (fc) $24.95
The Simple Story of the Universe: Revealing the Reasons for Everything (#1728) William W. Bentley, Jr. (1911-1988). 揟he title is a fitting one for this overview of God抯 plan of the ages. Certain events of history, as well as of the future, have been selected and described in a series of short scenes. - Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 90 Pages. (fc) $9.95
The Tracts of Joseph E. Kirk (#1599) Joseph E. Kirk. Kirk was gifted at condensing Scripture truths into short understandable presentations. This is a collection of his widely circulated tracts. They are great learning tools of truth. (fc) Paperback. 94 pages. $9.95


The Writings of Alan Burns (#1711) Alan Burns was born 1884 in Philadelphia, PA, but spent his youth in Ireland, where he was associated with the Salvation Army and the Plymouth Brethren. At about twenty-one years of age he went to New York City. Being, an earnest seeker after truth and a student of the Scriptures, he became interested in the teaching of Dr. E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913), and was strongly attracted to Vladimir Gelesnoff (1877-1921), when he began his ministry in New York. Gelesnoff considered him the best gospel preacher he had ever heard. With the help of a few friends, who did the printing, Burns started Grace and Glory, a little magazine which gave promise of much good. For lack of support, it languished and soon ceased, to be followed, not long afterwards, by Unsearchable Riches, which virtually took its place. Burns became a valued contributor to the earlier volumes of Unsearchable Riches. The logical and powerful introductory articles in A.E. Knoch抯 (1874-1965) book All in All were written by him. Paperback. 318 Pages. $19.95
Bible Harmony: A Study of the Bible as a Whole (1162) by A. P. Adams (1847-1920). This is Adams premiere work and most lasting legacy. Based largely upon his periodical The Spirit of the Word it also serves as the basis of some of his smaller works. (fc) Paperback. 334 pages. $21.95
The Spirit of the Word: Volume 1, Issues 1-12 (1885-1886) (#1216) by Arthur P. Adams (1847-1920). The original periodical format necessitated that some articles started in one issue and continued in another. In this edition, for the ease of the reader, these articles have been merged together for continued flow. This is the original work from which many of Adam抯 other works were taken. Paperback.308 pages. $19.95  
Christ Victorious Over All - 1921 (#1261) by Joseph Sturge Johnston (1843-1933). Johnston was an associate of A.E. Knoch and George Rogers. 揓ohnson has given us a volume of studies on eschatology which denies the orthodox theory of 慡atan Victorious over the Majority and seeks to place the crown of universal conquest on the head of Christ, where it rightfully belongs. This work must be classed among those which really prove the great truth of the ultimate victory of Christ over all evil. Marked by an uncompromising loyalty to what he recognized as truth [he was] long recognized as a gifted teacher of God's holy Word. He taught Bible classes in Chicago and Pasadena for many years. Unsearchable Riches. (fc) Paperback. 236 pages. $19.95
Paul抯 Five Ministries (#1247) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). (fc) Paperback. 84 pages. $9.95
ScriptuResearch Study Sheets (#1186) by Frank Neil Pohorlak (1907-1988). This is a wonderful collection of valuable study handouts from Dr. Pohorlak抯 Bible classes. (fc) spiral, 350 pages. $29.95
It is Written: Meditations Upon the Sacred Scriptures (#1063) by Cecil J. Blay (1906-1976) 揥e feel certain that you would find these meditations helpful as well as useful to give out to others. It consists of twenty-two edifying messages pointing to the power of the Scriptures as the sword of the spirit. Devotional material has been in the past somewhat lacking in our literature. Unsearchable Riches. Blay was a British associate of A.E. Knoch. He was co-editor with Melvin E. Johnson of the periodical Treasures of Truth. (fc) paperback, 130 pages $12.95
Some Writings of F. H. Robison (#1148) by Fredrik Homer Robison (1885-1932). Robison, also the author of the work Are the Bride and the Body Identical?, was a faithful associate of A. E. Knoch and George Rogers. (fc) Paperback, 130 Pages. $12.95
Select Writings of John Essex: Volume 1 (#1070) by John Henry Essex. (fc) Paperback, 104 Pages. $10.95
Divine Lockup - by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This work deals scripturally with God抯 sovereignty in the midst of humanity抯 current condition of, and future deliverance from, unbelief, sin, vanity and corruption. Without question, for all creation, the best is yet to come. Paperback, 66 Pages.
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The Bible or the Church? (#0776) by Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918). This is Anderson抯 revision and enlargement of The Buddha of Christendom. Both volumes contain material not in the other. Paperback. 286 pages. $19.95
Comfort and Vision (#1124) by Frederick William Davis (1879-1926). This is 揳 collection of spiritual sermons by our lamented friend, F. W. Davis, late of Cheltenham, England. It is a fitting memorial of his broad and loving spirit and deep insight into the Word of Truth. - A.E. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 136 pages. $12.95
The Dispensation of the Grace of God & Acts 28:28 A Dispensational Boundary Line (#0714) by Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992). Two works published in one volume. Paperback. 60 pages. $6.95

The Evangel of the Circumcision and the Evangel of the Uncircumcision (#1072) by Stanley C. Cooper. Paperback. 64 pages. $6.95

The Image and Likeness of God (#0752) by Melvin E. Johnson (1897-1979). Paperback. 230 pages. $19.95

Reconciliation: A Research Magazine 1942-1943 (#1056) Editors: Joseph E. Kirk & Howard N. Bunce. Paperback. 84 pages. $9.95

Select Writings of Edward Clayton: Volume 1 (#1087) Paperback. 58 pages. $7.95

A Study on Pentecost & The Gift of Tongues (#0981) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 50 pages. $7.95

The King and the Kingdom in History and Prophecy (#0646) by William B. Hallman. Paperback. 42 pages $4.95

A Study on Right Division (#0967) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 70 pages. $9.95


Time and Eternity: A Biblical Study (#1025) by G. T. Stevenson. Paperback. 74 pages. $9.95

Treasures of Truth: Volume 1 (#0738) by Cecil J. Blay & Melvin E. Johnson (1897-1979). 揚rovides a rich feast of spiritual food for its readers. Unsearchable Riches  Paperback. 342 pages. $19.95

Is Hell Eternal or, Will God抯 Plan Fail? (#0677) by Charles H. Pridgeon (1863-1932). 揙ur readers will rejoice with us at [this] publication by Charles H. Pridgeon, President of the Pittsburgh Bible Institute. A firm stand is taken for the salvation of all, based on the doctrine of the eons as revealed in the Scriptures. Many other books on this subject, lacking the light which the doctrine of the eons brings, have never seemed sufficiently conclusive to carry conviction to those who wish a scriptural basis for their belief. A.E. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches. Reprint of the 1920 edition. Paperback, 344 Pages. $21.95
God抯 Dwelling Place (#0585) by John H. Essex (1907-1991) Paperback. "Amongst the countless thousands of books on Biblical subjects there are very few indeed (if any) which deal with the subject of "God's Dwelling Place,"  184 pages. $14.95
God抯 Celestial Purpose: Paul抯 Letter to the Ephesians (#0578) by John H. Essex (1907-1991).  "This presentation of our subject, God's Celestial Purpose, takes the form of a commentary on Paul's letter to the Ephesians. A great many sincere believers who regularly read their Bibles have failed to realise the full import of Ephesians, or even its significance in the Scriptures." Paperback. 164 pages. $14.95
Paul抯 Ephesians: Part 1, Chapters 1-3 (#0592), by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). Paperback. 96 pages. $9.95


Grace Tabernacle Studies (#1094). This booklet contains two articles written two former teachers at the Grace Tabernacle, Almont, MI. (1) George L. Rogers study is entitled, Race-wide Condemnation and Vivification and (2) E. Lynwood Crystal抯 article, Correctly Partitioning the Word of Truth. Paperback. 32 pages. $3.95
Pillars of Truth from the Book of Romans (#1041) by Guy Spencer Marks (18991989). 揂 helpful series based on Romans.-Unsearchable Riches. 120 pages, Paperback. $11.95
Presenting the Truth in Love: In Memoriam of A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). (#1874) This word consists of seven short chapters: (1) Presenting the Truth in Love A.E. Knoch; (2) My Father As I Remember Him Ernest O. Knoch; (3) Knoch and His Work: A Biographical Sketch by a Close Friend and Long Time Associate Edward H. Clayton; (4) My Brethren Background A.E. Knoch; (5) Musings On Mount Olivet A.E. Knoch; (6) Be Confirmed in the Faith A.E. Knoch; (7) The Funeral Message Herman H. Rocke. Paperback. 50 pages. $4.95

What is Sectism? Is it a Sin or a Virtue? (#0745) by E.A. (Edward Alfred) Larsen (1884-1978). This work 搕akes up such matters as the basis of fellowship, definition of a sect and common motives in their formation, and the unity of the saints from a Scriptural viewpoint. Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 42 pages. $4.95

Companion Bible, The: New Testament (Enlarged Type) (#0769) E.W. Bullinger, Paperback, 624 pages $27.95

Dabhar Translation: The Writ of the New Covenant (#2005) The Dabhar (pronounced 揇avar), reprinted by permission exclusively for our students, was a work over 40 years in the making. First released in 2005, is a hyper-literal concordant translation of the Greek Scriptures into English. 478 pages, paperback, $29.95

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Studies in Paul's Epistle to the Romans: Volume 1, Chapters 1-8 (#1032) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). 揟his book is an exhaustive study of the first eight chapters of Romans, including pertinent questions at the end of each chapter, which serve to help the student evaluate his reading. - Ernest Knoch. Paperback. 654 pages. $24.95
The Believer抯 Hope Today (#2360) by Tom Ballinger. A look at the believer抯 揵lessed hope at Christ抯 appearing as contrasted with 搕he hope of Israel in the Acts period.  "In this study we will show you that the hope that Paul wrote about in I Thessalonians 4 and I Corinthians 15 is found not only in the Old Testament Scriptures, but was taught by Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry in Matthew 24 and other places." 978-1-62904-052-3, Paperback, 60 pages, $6.95
How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures (#5683) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). This book deals chiefly with the correct partitioning of the Word of Truth. The seven chapters are titled as follows: God Has Spoken; A Divine Admonition of Endeavor; How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures; Have a Pattern of Sound Words; Distinguish the Things that Differ; Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, and the Conclusion. 揟he book should prove extremely valuable in introducing the knowledge of Paul's special ministry to those who are strangers to it. - A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). Facsimile Paperback. 72 pages. $6.95



 **BACK IN PRINT**  Forgotten Truths Reaffirmed (#0486) compiled by John H. Kessler. A collection of excerpts from 27 authors supporting a dispensational approach of Scripture toward the Acts 28 position view such as: Sir Robert Anderson, Lewis Sperry Chafer, A.C. Gaebelein, James M. Gray, I.M. Haldeman, H.A. Ironside, Clarence Larkin, F.E. Marsh, J. Eustace, Harold P. Morgan, William L. Pettingill, Samuel Ridout , W. Graham Scroggie, W. H. Griffith Thomas, Leon Tucker, and Charles H. Welch.

Chapters include: When Was the Mystery Made Known? Do the Four Gospel Narratives Relate to Christ抯 Body? Are the Epistles of Peter, James, John, Jude and the Epistle to the Hebrews, Related Christ抯 Body? What Was the Ministry of the Twelve Apostles? Is the Great Commission the Marching Order for Christ抯 Body? Have Baptism and The Lord抯 Supper Any Place in Christ抯 Body? Is Christ抯 Body, the Bride of Christ? When Was Israel As a Nation Set Aside? Where Is the Dispensational Boundary? 4th Edition Facsimile Paperback, 71 pages, $5.95



At the End of the Ages: The Abolition of Hell (#3331) by Bob Evely. Is hell forever? Most say that the righteous go to heaven, and the wicked to hell, forever! Is this what the Bible teaches? This book presents evidence that the Bible, in the original languages, reveals that one day ALL mankind will be saved. Through time our Bible translations have become biased through the official teachings of 揟he Church. The author argues that teaching about an eternal hell slanders God, and it prevents many from having faith because the arguments in support of an eternal torment are illogical. Would a God of love keep many souls alive forever just to torment them because they failed to 揳ccept Jesus Christ in this lifetime? The author shows that the Bible does not teach this. The purpose of 搕he eons (i.e., 搕he ages, often mistranslated 揺ternity) is to bring ALL mankind to the point where every knee bows before Him. This work is written with the average reader in mind. Paperback, 171 pages, $4.95

Wife Loving: The Husband抯 Paramount Privilege (#0462) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This book is about Christ-mentored husbandry; a look at husbands important and honored role of loving their wives. So lofty and divine is its pursuit, Paul presents none other than Christ Himself as the mentor: 揌usbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church. 978-1-62904-046-2 US Trade 6x9 PB. $9.95


The Cataclysmic Prophecies of the Jews and Their Divine Purpose (#0448) by James T. Burson. A look at the localized nature of Jewish prophecy. 978-1-6204-044-8. 403 page PB $19.95



Silence of God, The (#3442) by Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918). This is a true classic, written almost a century ago, giving a thoroughly scriptural answer to the issue of God抯 silence for nearly 2,000 years. It was written by the former Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard. 120 page. PB $12.95



Doctrine of Substitution: An Erroneous Teaching #0400 This is an expose of Christianity抯 erroneous doctrine of Substitution. Though it is widely accepted, it is not the teaching of Scripture. This is a compilation of authors, including: A.P. Adams, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Andrew J. Jukes, and A.E. Knoch. 70 page. PB $9.95


Another Look at 揃ible Study: The Misuse of II Timothy 2:15 and the Abuse of Christ抯 Body (#0370) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
揧ou continue to bless me with messages that relieve the burden.  Illinois
揌elped me shed major bondage.敄 Michigan
揥hat a freeing teaching. - Pennsylvania
揝uch a balm to my soul.  Canada
揊inally relieved me of yet another religious burden.  Poland

ISBN: 978-1-62904-037-0  -  80 page. PB, $4.95




Parallel Literal New Testament
Vol 1: The Circumcision Scriptures (Matthew-John, Hebrews-Revelation)
Vol 2: Acts and Paul抯 Epistles
Includes: Concordant, Dabhar, Rotherham, Young
Choose a volume to order:
Studies in Ecclesiastes: The Words and Works of God and Man (#0325) by Vladimir Gelesnoff (1877-1921) Many current versions of the Bible often translate the same Hebrew word in various ways. In this way a veil of mystery has been thrown over many a passage, and a certain amount of human opinion and guesswork has been imported into God抯 truth. The Book of Ecclesiastes has severely suffered from inconsistency in translation no sacred book has ever been so much misunderstood in its whole aim and spirit. Our aim should always be to adjust our thoughts to the facts, and never to adjust the facts to our thoughts. Applying this principle to the matter in hand, our prime concern is to ascertain what the book of Ecclesiastes has to say about itself. The book aims at achieving a threefold object: (1) Recognition of God as God; (2) Reception of His revelation; (3) Regulation of life in view of a future rectification or judgment. ISBN: 978-1-62904-032-5 - 83pp. PB $4.95
The Unveiled Glory (by Hannah Hurnard) and My Unexpected Discovery (by Hannah Whitall Smith)

(#0172) Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) was the author of the classic work, A Christian抯 Secret of a Happy Life. Both famous Christian authors discuss their coming to see and embrace the salvation of all. 64pp. PB $4.95






Concordant Version of the Old Testament: Complete One Volume Large Print Edition (Old Testament)

The procedures used in making the translation are as follows: By analyzing the contextual usages of each Hebrew and Aramaic word, a single English word was first selected as its most suitable equivalent. Then, to achieve readability, some words were given a limited number of idiomatic variants that are harmonious with the sense derived from the investigations. English words used as the common translation of particular Hebrew words, and even idiomatic variants, were not used for other Hebrew words. Boldface type was used for words (or even parts of words) having exact counterparts in the Hebrew. And lightface type was used for words (or parts of words) which were added to clarify the meaning of the respective word in the Hebrew text. In addition, small symbols and abbreviations were inserted between or attached to words to represent omitted terms, to indicate grammatical features and the sources of emendations to the Hebrew text. Printed on thin "Bible paper" and hardbound with black imitation leather.
Choose an edition:


Figures of Speech Used In the Bible (#5169) by E. W. Bullinger. Bible students have made serious blunders through the inattention to figures of speech, clouding the real meaning of many important passages of Scripture. Bullinger's work, first published in 1898, clarifies 217 distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. In systematic order, this classic gives the proper pronunciation of each figure of speech, its etymology or origin, and a number of Scripture passages where the figure of speech is used, giving full explanation of its use in each context. It cites nearly eight thousand Bible passages and includes five appendices and seven indexes, making it even more valuable as a reference tool. No other work approaches the scope and detail of this field of study. New type-set and size (8.5 x 11) and 534 page PB $49.95
A Look at Alcohol in the Scriptures  (#1150) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. Don抰 be fooled by the teetotalism. Contrary to what many attempt to teach, the Scriptures are replete with the divine gift and godly blessings of alcohol. 54 page PB. $4.95

The Ages: God抯 Time Periods (#0780) by Edward Henry Clayton. It covers: the purpose of the ages, eonian life, the number of ages, the present age, and the ages to come. 38 page PB. $4.95

Spirit Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues, The (#3450) by Sir Robert Anderson. We live in a day of extravagant claims of the miraculous. Written in 1909, this is a look at what the Bible has to say about such miraculous gifts for today. 56 pp. PB $4.95
The Divine Calendar (#0134) by A. E. Knoch. This is an excellent primer for those just learning of God's glorious plan and purpose of the ages. It displays the principal time periods of the Scriptures and their relation to one another. Failure to distinguish the various time periods has resulted in great confusion as to the ultimate destiny of God's creation. This work covers the 5 ages, 3 heavens and earths, 2 creations, 5 worlds, 12 economies, 4 monarchs, and 3 days, with chart. 56 page PB. $4.95

A Reply to R.A. Torrey抯 揟he Exact Truth Regarding an Eternal Hell (#3125) by A. E. Knoch. A scriptural response to Torrey抯 attempt to defend the traditional doctrine of Hell. 49 page PB. $4.95

The Myth of Easter: The 揅hristian Mythology Series (#1675) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This is an overview of the pagan myths related to Easter along with the scriptural truth of Christ抯 resurrection, with chart. 72 page BK $4.95
No Equals! Reasons Why Our Heavenly Father has No Equals or Co- Equals & Why 搕he Holy Spirit Is Not a 揚erson Separate from the Only True God, the Father (#3470) A compilation of two easy to understand titles exposing the error of the Trinity teaching. 56 page PB. $4.95

The Sovereignty of God (#0226) by George Addair. A thoughtful look at a critical doctrine of Scripture. 64 pages, Paperback, $4.95


Growing in the Realization of God (#3375) by Robert McMahon 56 pages, Paperback, $4.95

The Steps I Have Taken (#1175) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. A short autobiographical work. 65 pages, Paperback, $5.95
Judgment and the Doctrine of Eternal Hell (#0103) by Arthur P. Adams. Chapters: Judgment: Its Nature and Purposes; The Doctrine of Eternal Hell; Does Death Seal Our Eternal Destiny?; How Many Ways of Salvation are There?: Adam抯 Sin; The Sacrifice of Christ; The Truth about Sodom; The Purpose of the Law; The Sabbath; Translation Corrections. 123 pages, Paperback, $10.95
Harmony of the Last Week, The: A Complete Rearrangement of the Last Week in the Life of Christ (#0059) by Eugene Charles Callaway. A detailed expose of 揋ood Friday and 揚alm Sunday. In a 25 year study of the 揚assion Week Callaway identified 40 common errors traditionally held. His investigation resulted in this deep and comprehensive work. -- 247 page Paperback $19.95
The Word on the Word: Volume 1 (#1976) by Stephen Hill. This is a collection of articles from the author抯 blog. In its pages you will learn of many truths from God抯 Word that you will likely not encounter in the traditional church setting. No topic is off-limits, as Stephen Hill addresses a variety of biblical truths - many controversial - which will likely challenge you to reconsider many of your long-held beliefs. Discover what the Bible really teaches about love and suicide, honesty and lying, marriage and parenting, grace and judgment, and much more. May this book be an edifying tool for your spiritual growth! -- Paperback, 150 pages, $9.95
Making the Most of the Bible: Lessons on Understanding God's Word (#1942) by Stephen Hill. Making the Most of the Bible is what you've been waiting for: a practical and simple guide to understanding God's Word. In the short amount of time it takes you to read this book, you will learn lessons that will drastically improve your ability to make sense of your Bible for the rest of your life. Make the most of this book as you discover how to make the most of your Bible! -- 100 page Paperback. $9.95
Deity of God, The (#7450) by John Henery Essex (1907-1991) It is in the prison epistle of Paul to the Ephesians that we find the most absolute expression of the Deity of God in relation to the points we have been considering. Here we find the phrase which puts all other Scriptures into perspective. -- 72 page Paperback. $9.95




First Idiot in Heaven, The: Secrets of the Apostle Paul (and Why the Meek Merely Inherit the Earth) (#3250) by Martin Zender. Paul was a visionary. He saw the world as no one else saw it. Jesus Christ blinded him with truth. 揟o live is Christ, this man said, and he lived life with singular purpose: to see and know Christ. In Paul抯 evangel, God justifies sinners, not law-keepers or moral performers. According to what the terrestrial-bound Jesus taught (the gospel of the Circumcision), law-keepers and moral performers stay on Earth (搕he meek shall inherit the Earth Matthew 5:5). So the Christians who think that imitating Jesus will get them to heaven will instead (assuming they can actually imitate Jesus) wind up on Earth. If you want to stay on Earth, wrestle with law. If you want to go to heaven, give up on yourself and embrace the gospel for sinners and idiots. -- 352 page, PB, $18.95
Truth Vs. Orthodoxy (#4325) by Arthur P. Adams This is a collection of studies from the heartwarming and insightful pen of A.P. Adams (1847-1925). Chapter titles are: Orthodoxy,  The Spirit of the Word and Theological Reversals, Free Will, What Is Man?, We See Jesus, The Man Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ the Son of God, Why Christ Died and Man抯 Doctrine of Substitution, 揝ubstitution and the 揤icarious Atonement -- 108 pages, paperback, $9.95

Best of J.R. Miller - Vol. 1 (#2425)  by James Russell Miller (March 20, 1840 July 2, 1912), a prolific author, was born of Irish/Scottish decent to James Alexander Miller and Eleanor Creswell, near Frankfort Springs, Beaver County, PA. He was a graduate of Westminster College (New Wilmington, PA) Allegheny Theological Seminary (Allegheny, PA). Miller pastored churches in New Wilmington, PA, Philadelphia, PA, and Rock Island, IL; and was the author of over 60 published books, as well as countless booklets and pamphlets; and also served as supervisor of over two dozen periodicals with a combined annual circulation of over 66 million copies at the time of his death. 80 pages, paperback, $9.95
World Affairs and National Politics: And the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus (#4250) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. When did nationalism begin? What is God抯 purpose for nationalism? Is the United States a Christian nation? Does any government have Favored Nation Status with God today? Should believers support Israel? What did Paul have to say about our citizenship? What is our role in relation to nations? Is our job to rid the world of evil? What should the believer抯 attitude be toward earthly authority? Should all obedience to earthly magistrates be absolute? Are believers to pay their taxes? Where does voting and jury duty fit in? Why was the apostle Paul executed? These and many other questions are addressed in this groundbreaking work! ISBN: 9781934251911 -- 258 page PB $14.95
The Sequel Which Sustains The Pohorlak Papers: Volume 1 (#5975)  by Frank Neil Pohorlak. In cooperation with his estate, this is the first in a series of collected articles on various scriptural themes by Frank Pohorlak (1907-1988). In associations with men such as Bob Jones, John R. Rice, J. Frank Norris and A.E. Knoch, he enjoyed a long, illustrious and colorful life and teaching ministry spanning many states and foreign countries.  120 pp., PB, $9.95



Being OK with Not Being OK Embracing God抯 Design for You and Everyone You Know (and Don抰 Know) (#1985) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. For now, you抮e broken, and you aren抰 going to be 揻ixed. Granted, you may have some days that are better than others, some circumstances that seem to indicate that you are 揙K, but the wearisome cycle simply will recur. Thus it is by design by divine design. Father is bringing you to a place where you are OK with not being OK, where you simply rest in His current purpose and plan in your training and development for that grand and magnificent culmination that He has so wonderfully and skillfully designed especially for you in your next life. ISBN: 9781934251904 -- 134 page.  PB $9.95
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God抯 Holy Nation: Israel and Her Earthly Purpose (Contrasted with the Body of Christ and Its Heavenly Purpose) (#2275) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. Israel plays a key role in God抯 plan of the ages. Though currently she has been set aside 搖ntil the times of the nations be fulfilled, He is by no means done with her. Today, God is operating His purpose in the ecclesia the Church, the Body of Christ. The Scriptures provide us with the clear, critical distinction between God抯 earthly nation and Christ抯 celestial body. This work highlights some of the more prominent distinctions which belong to God抯 literal, physical, earthly nation. ISBN: 9781934251887 -- 360 page PB $19.95 
Daily Gleanings: 365 Selections on Scriptural Truths (#1836) Editor: Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.  This book contains a collection of gleanings from some 200 different authors. These excerpts are intended to be an encouragement to those who are walking on a different path with the Lord a journey that is 搊utside of the camp. Some quotations are from beloved and trusted authors, but more often than not, they are from unusual sources. Sometimes, it is simply amazing how an author can admit in print to some grand truth that their writings and ministries otherwise generally deny. For the authors of these quotes, the truth that is conveyed by them may oddly seem 搊ut of place; but in some ways, the more unlikely the source, the more amazingly it testifies to the truth and the fact that it cannot be hidden. ISBN: 9781934251836 -- 253 pp, PB, $19.95

God抯 Plan for Man: A Journey of Surprises (#5039) by Kenneth Joyce. This is a condensed adaptation of Adlai Loudy抯 classic work God抯 Eonian Purpose. 揟his book will delight you as you read of God抯 purpose of all mankind. Written in clear and simple language, it traces the purpose of God from earliest revelation to its fulfillment in the reconciliation of all to God in righteousness. - Andrew Maclarty, Grace & Truth. 88 page PB $9.95


What Is Truth?: Absolute and Relative (#3575) by Don Bast. High above the storm clouds the sun is always shining. When we get a glimpse of God's perspective we are able to experience the Son of His love shining through the darkest storms of life. Dean Hough of the Concordant Publishing Concern and the Saviour of All Fellowship writes to Don concerning his book: 揧our book is full of important truth and a good aid to understanding Scripture. 216pp PB $14.95

Humanity in the Arms of a Loving Savior: and Important Related Matters (#1025) by James T. Burson. The chapters of this book are connected in this singular manner; always, there is the attempt to display the grandeur of God抯 purpose in creation. Never, is it proposed that God had a good idea which went awry and thereafter He supposedly has been picking up the pieces. Our confidence, as believers, may always be premised upon an over-riding assurance that God does not behave like a mortal, being hesitant, exasperated, indecisive, or hoping for the best outcome. This volume expresses the author抯 confidence in a far greater outcome of the entire human epoch, than that which is generally proposed to the world. The flow of human history will not end in a groan, rather, a crescendo of praise by all, to a true God of love and mercy. God will not only win but He will radiate His victory over absolutely all that he has made; no other truth can settle the heart like this. Paperback, 328 pages $14.95

Outcome of Infinite Grace, The (#6388) by Loyal F. Hurley. "The last enemy to be destroyed is death!" It was this verse which caused the author, a pastor, to study afresh the subject of the fate of the wicked. The three choices apparent from a surface reading of various biblical texts were eternal torment, extermination or ultimate reconciliation. The author studied to find which one was true. ISBN: 1934251305 / 9871934251300 - 80 page PB  $11.95 SALE $9.95































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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